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Lane K Bennett has 42 years of experience as an attorney and DUI Lawyer. Lane K Bennett Attorney At Law has been a private practice for 38 years in Kalispell, Montana – up to date on latest  defense techniques, and case law as presented by the top experts and lawyers in the country. We have an in-house private investigator in office.

Our Mission

To use our extensive experience in the criminal defense field coupled with extensive jury trials, resulting in numerous acquittals and innocent verdicts to obtain the absolute best result possible, whether it be an acquittal at trial, dismissal of charges, reduction of charges, or favorable plea agreement.

Enriching Our Learning Experiences

We attend national seminars, yearly put on by National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers in areas of DUI Defense, Forensic Science, Drug charges, and Defense of Sexual Assault and related crimes.

Coverage Area

All Courts in Northwest Montana: Flathead, Lake, Lincoln and Sanders Counties & Glacier National Park
State-wide for major felony defense. Montana Supreme Court

Accepted Payments

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  • If an illegal search and seizure led to drug crimes charges against you
  • If you are charged with murder or homicide
  • If you are accused of theft or fraud
  • If you are facing sexual assault or abuse charges
  • If you’ve been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol
  • If you refused to take a breathalyzer test
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Accused of drunk driving in Kalispell? Hire an experienced DUI lawyer.

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